Friday, June 3, 2011

Schools Out For Summer

WOW! And WOW! They were all right! The "adults" that said enjoy every moment of your childhood it goes by fast! They were right, not only did my childhood go by fast, but it feels as though MY CHILDREN's Childhood is going even faster! It feels like just yesterday they were starting their first day of the school year. We got them all dressed in their new clothes, walked them to the bus stop with excitement. I was very pregnant with Zeke at the time, and our family of 5 was about to go to a family of 6.

Looking back now, it's all just flown by. I started the school year not being able to french braid (which with 2 girls was really frustrating) and I can now wrangle in a descent french braid, it's not an nice as some, but I will get there and confident by french braiding skills will only improve! Zeke is now here making us our complete family of 6. Patience is about to turn 6! She can read and write, Hunter has his last little league game of the season tomorrow. Esther will most likely be starting preschool in August, and I am happy to say is potty trained. She also started the school year not able to buckle her own carseat and has recently mastered that skill as well! For those of you with more then one little one, you realize what a helpful skill this is to have! One less thing to have on the check list before leaving the house!

So after today, this year of school is officially over, and summer is here. (Even if the weather isn't cooperating) Now I am asking myself, what am I going to do with all 4 kids home for summer? I want to make it special, savor every moment, but I am a little intimidated by the task! 4 kids, I am way out numbered! What could I do that would make this summer fun for all of us? I am asking for help from all your lovely crafty mama's idea's are welcome! Keep in mind "4" kids to one adult! And 1 is a toddler, and 1 is an infant! So please don't say, take all your kids to the waterpark, because that would be a crazy mess! LOL

Anyway here are some pictures from their "first" day of the school year, looking back makes me happy and sad, sad that it's going to so fast and my brain really can't keep up with the rate that time is going by, or the way my children are growing.... and happy because soon I will get an extra hour in the morning to sleep!

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