Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain Rain.......

Yay for Rain in MAY! We can turn our sprinklers off for a couple of days, and save a few dollars! The earth will soak it all up and be lush and green, for at least a minute before the 120 degree weather gets turned on for summer! Even though I am enjoying the coziness of my house, and the lovely smell of roast from the crockpot this morning, I am praying it does stop raining by friday. I have a wedding saturday, and it would be fabulous if everything wasn't soaked, I am sure the Bride & Groom would appreciate it too, Ok God?

This last sunday was really a great day! We went to church and had an awesome time, it was the first sunday in the new building and it just felt like such an inviting enviroment! We had lunch afterwards, and since I kind of got gipped out of Mothers Day this year, we did a "make up day" a week later... not the FULL make up... I didn't get my kids marching into my room with homemade cards and a starbuck like in previous years (UH HUM JUSTIN!) BUT Justin and the kids did take me out to sushi that night, which was an amazing thing, since Justin and all the kids (Hunter being the only exception) can not stand Sushi... so thank you for the sacrafice, I appreciate it.

When I got home from our sushi adventure (lets just say we left with a couple pizzas). I went into the backyard and noticed our beautiful rose bush in full bloom with rain drops tucked in so neatly between all the petals, something about it inspired me, and since we had a brief break from the down pour, I ran inside grabbed my camera, and put on the micro lens. Here are a few shots from that day, and I hope you enjoy!

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