Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Lovely R Family

So this blog may come off as a little bias, I truly adore this family. I met the lovely R family almost a year ago, my husband got a wonderful job working with Mr. R. They were working and ackward night shift and I heard nothing but fabulous tales of adventure and vending machine made lunches for months afterwards. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Mrs. R until a few months later, but once I did I knew what an amazing woman of God she was! Its rare to meet someone so kind that is sincerely just sweet to her core, but that describes Mrs. R to a T (getting confused by all the intials yet?).

When I found out their family was going to be welcoming another beautiful baby I was so excited for them, and this new baby, he is going to be blessed with two fabulous and loving parents, and one fun big brother. I was so excited to have the honor of photographing this special time in their families life. And I am even more excited about photographing little baby R when he arrives very shortly! (Check back around mid June for that blog)

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