Friday, July 29, 2011

July Wedding

Well I cannot believe it's almost August! This Summer has flown and at the same time stood still. I've had an amazing summer so far though, and I am looking forward to the last month. For Redding the weather has been pretty fabulous, I am used triple digits for months on end, and it's just now climbing into the 100's... so thanks God for the break!

Today's blog features a July Wedding! It was a little warm that day, but luckily this bride and groom where smart and got married close to the river, which takes it down a couple of degree's.

Their wedding couldn't have turned out more perfect, I was so impressed with alot of the little touches this bride and groom featured on their special day.

I've actually known this groom since I was a teenager, so I felt extra honored to be apart of capturing such a special day in their life, his bride was quite beautiful inside and out, and was really easy to work with!

Both the bride and groom where very good at going with the flow of the wedding, and allowing me to take control and do what I love to do, she wasn't afraid of getting on the ground with her dress, and it made for some fun and unique wedding images.

Brides I know it's scary to "dirty" such an expensive and special dress, but don't be afraid to take a few risks, the pay offs are usually well worth it!

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